My Mantra .  .  . 

Do what you love

In a beautiful space

With inspirational people

How will you develop your 5 dimensions of self: Body, Mind, Spirit, Soul, and Oneness?
I have been documenting visions, dreams, Ask the Universe since 1998. Use a journal to keep track of them.
Are you living the life your spirit came to Earth to live?

View from my living room.

I set out to make your private session elegant.  I want you to feel loved.
I will show you how to rip your spirit off past hurts and fill your life with fun and adventure.
Hiking in Palm Springs
Buddha Bowl

Our whole adventure on Earth is meant to be about experiencing unconditional love

Living in your REAL self
My Oxford Days
Do you need my vision to help unlock your unearthed potential?

Are you thoroughly living your life?  When Covid restrictions are over, how will you immerse yourself in the art of living?

During Covid, I decided to learn how to make natural healthy bath bombs. Citric acid, baking soda, cornstarch, epsom salts, and Himalayan sea salt. Divine! 

Finished bath bomb.

Passion for Photography
Learning to take
a Selfie

I made a Chocolate Log Cake, meringue mushrooms and fondant pine cones. Ask me for recipe.

No matter your age, there is always more about you to discover . . . 

One Red Flag Behaviour

How will you energize your Spirit in 2021?

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