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Dr Margot McKinnon PhD

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Author, Award Winning Teacher, and President of Spark the Spirit Productions

DPhil: University of Oxford

Master's: University of Calgary

B. Ed: Queen's University

BA: Queen's University 

I want to express my gratitude for everything you have taught me over the last 4 years. Your model and theory, your teaching practices, standing in your power, the way you deal with toxic people and your confidence are all qualities I admire.

You are my mentor and I want to thank you most for giving me permission to enjoy life, have elegance and to know that I deserve a life that my spirit wants me to live. I am done with the hard lessons. My life is easy. I'm shedding my old "snake" skin and becoming the true confident person that I am. Thank you! Love you! Sarah

Margot's workshop was both enchanting and educational. At the Canadian Mental Health Association,-Calgary- we continue to ensure that people can feel a sense of connection, belonging and hope. Margot's workshop helped to further connect the dots. Let's say she speaks 'our language'. 

I attended your 5 Dimensions workshop, thinking it would help me with my serious work problem. I was amazed at how I not only shifted my work problem, but I shifted my relationship with my husband and children too.  I am shocked at how fast this works.

The Dominance Theory is an amazing book that raises awareness of our 5 Dimensions. It's the kind of book you want to read over again to gauge how you are doing at this thing called 'Life'. 

Some of the best advice I ever received was from your workshop at the Spiritualist Centre and I have been consciously working on defragmenting my Spirit- Thank you!

I got a lot out of your Red Flags in Dating workshop.  I really had a wakeup call to spot the Crazy Makers and that some people expect me to be their solution. What a revelation?


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You feel it! You were born with a great expectation for your life. But, somehow events or people chipped away until you feel disconnected from the life you know should be yours. Impatience, sadness, irritation, longing, anxiety, blandness are signs that you are ready to go to your next level. Rather than wallow in these feelings, commit to recovering your great expectation in 2022. 2023 will look a whole lot different!


At Spark the Spirit Productions we take a Responsibly Bold approach with our original, exciting, easy, and elegant system to recover the mysterious and undeveloped part of you that is deep within, impatiently wishing to be seen, understood, and lived. 


The System: The Body, Mind, Spirit, Soul, Oneness Dominance Theory

We all have 5 dimensions of self.  We are born dominant, or in other words

gifted, in one of the dimensions and we grow the others over time (or not).


Body Dominants excel in the physical: fashion, aesthetics, competitive sports, design

Mind Dominants thrive in systems design, organization, logic and science

Spirit Dominants value unconditional love and peacefulness and often find the Body/Mind world they are forced to live in to be harsh and abrasive.

Soul Dominants live for their purpose in life.

Oneness Dominants are all about connection and belonging.

Think of each dimension on a spectrum.  How much of each have you developed? You will be surprised when you complete your self-inventory. You will find out how you operate at your best and when stressed.  Your insights will shift things immediately in career, family and relationships, finances, and overall wellbeing.


Here are your steps:

Step One: Order your Spark Book: The Body, Mind, Spirit, Soul, Oneness Dominance Theory: A guide to elevating your 5 dimensions of self.

Step Two: Take your Self-Inventory to discover your strengths and weaknesses in each of your 5 dimensions found in the book.

Step Three: Sign up for the Spark Webinars designed to incrementally bring you back to your great expectation.

Step Four: Join an Ask the Universe meetup group where you will get monthly support to keep you on track and growing.

Step Five: Book a Private Session with Dr. Margot

Step Six: Spread the word for how quickly this system works. Be an example of someone who recovered their great expectation and is now a shining star.

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