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Have you had your heart broken? Looking back, were there Red Flags? Love bombing? Ghosting? Hoovering? Gaslighting? Catfishing?  What does all of this even mean?   


In the age of swipe right and swipe left, we need to tread carefully in the world of dating.  The great news is that there are Green Flags too!  Be ready for your next relationship.  


Learn more about Red Flags, personal deal breakers, and just as importantly relationship compromises.


Love is out there for you.  Leave the evening with 4 unusual strategies to draw love to you.

Too many of my readers' lives get derailed by toxic relationships.  What can I do to help?  Red Flags in Dating Events was born!

Let's bring mean, thoughtless, and vindictive behaviours out in the open.

Let's get skilled at recognizing these behaviours and putting a stop to them!

Join the thoughtful campaign!!!!!

Each EVENT is Unique and Special!

Saturday January 24: Why do Spiritual people attract toxic relationships, not just in dating but in colleagues, friends and family members?

Calgary First Spiritualist Church, 1603 6th Ave NW, 7pm-9pm, $42 + GST

Monday February 24th: Spot Red Flags and experience eccentric architecture at the Communo Building, 1025 10St. SE, Calgary, 6pm-8:30pm, $42 + GST, Wine ticket included.

Register with Spark the Spirit Productions:

1) Email to reserve a ticket, e-transfer $44.10 to

Secret password: redflags


2) MC/Visa: Call 403.463.2675 for a real person to take your order.

Let's Eradicate Mean or Thoughtless Behaviour together!!!

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