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For Administrators, Teachers, Parents, Students

Spirituality: What does this mean to you?

Research shows that when children/teens explore the concept of spirituality, there is a greater chance they will reduce high risk behaviours, such as substance abuse, reckless driving, anorexia, and unprotected sex.  In this student presentation, students work on the question: How do you characterize the words spirit, spiritual, and spirituality?  In groups they talk about the significance of these concepts to them and to the larger global community.

Not rated.

Connecting with Invisible Students


Every classroom, from early years to adult education, has quiet, mysterious, lonely students who arrive to school in body but not in mind or spirit. They disconnect in a busy classroom, hide beneath baggy clothing, sit alone at their locker or cling to the schoolyard fence.  While the demanding, boisterous students get the attention, these “invisible” students are easy to ignore. Many will disappear altogether . . . not handing in assignments, dropping out, falling into drugs and alcohol, and developing self-harming behavior including suicide. If we are lucky, they will find their way to Adult Education. This PD day will show you how to reach these students in early, middle, and senior years. Learn to provide the change they need. Receives 3.7/4 rating

The Resilient Teacher: Strategies to Avoid Teacher Burnout


Teaching is a fabulous profession.  But, how can we avoid burnout? Discover powerful techniques to instantly stop the toxic tape running through your mind, resolve conflict better, wash off stress, and feel an invigorating sense of passion and purpose.  Receives 3.5/4 rating

Teacher Evaluations of Sessions

Calgary, Lethbridge, Edmonton,

Medicine Hat, Red Deer

'I would pay for a whole day retreat on this subject.'


'I would like the 'Invisible Kids' in the morning and 'Teacher Burnout' in the afternoon.' 


'I could attend every year for therapy. I would like to bring my husband.'


'I teach all non-academic kids in English and there are a lot of 'Invisible Kids' in my class.  This makes so much common sense.'


'I realize I am one of the 'rigid' teachers. I will be different on Monday.'

'It is time to include a conversation in the education milieu that included spirituality, meaning, purpose and a space for the bigger questions.'

'After this presentation, I know what my Master's thesis is going to be on: Spirituality in Social Studies.'