The Courage to be Bold
Incremental powerful steps to your brilliant life
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Step One: An Innovative System to Transcend Stressful Times
January 16

Before stress derails your brilliant life, be alert, recalibrate, refresh, rebuild.

Step Two: An Inspirational New Action Plan

January 30

My vision is to offer a webinar series for families: parents, adolescents and early 20's.  Email me if you are interested.  Your family would have such an edge if together you became skilled at creating the life your Spirit wants and not letting Toxic People block you from it.  Confidence. Dignity. Respect. Together.

Lift your 5 Dimensions today and experience the magic!  Take your Body, Mind, Spirit, Soul, Oneness Self-Inventory. Instantly recognize how your personality profile positively & negatively impacts your career, relationships, finances, and wellbeing. Increase effectiveness in all 5 dimensions by morning, in a month, in 365 days.

Step Three: Rekindle the Power of Your Spirit
February 13

Your Spirit has supernatural powers. Accelerate your vision with these unusual strengthening exercises for your Spirit. Learn what your Spirit feels like in your Body, lift your Spirit from past trauma, ask your Spirit to solve a current issue, and send your Spirit into the future to show you the life It wants to live.

Step Four: Recover Your Soul Purpose 
February 27

Looking for deeper meaning and significance to your life? Techniques to stimulate unlimited expansions of your Soul Purpose. Fun, creative, new, inspirational. Are you ready?

Step Five: Repel the Dream Killers
March 13

As you become a shining star, you will need elegant responses to toxic people. Be confident in recognizing Red Flag Behaviour. Get skilled at seeing their bullying style. Respond with confidence and dignity. Get your own life back!

Step Six: Rise to the Occasion
March 20

Take off your invisibility cloak. Do people talk over you, ignore your feelings, dismiss your ideas? Why should you put up with that? Shine in every room you walk into.

Step Seven: Activate Your Bold Vision

April 3


De-clutter your vision in this original digital vision board exercise.  No magazines, no scissors, no glue. My technique extends and elevates the very best of your life by finding your golden thread, energizing your favourite experiences, and visioning forward from where you are today.  Learn how to collaborate with the Universe for fast results.

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