Need a vacation from our Mind Dominant world?
Join in our Webinar Series.

Digital Vision Board Workshop


No magazines, no scissors, no glue. My technique extends and elevates the very best of your life by finding your golden thread, energizing your favourite experiences, and visioning forward from where you are today.  

Sunday September 19: 9:30am-11am (MTN) $45 CDN + 5% GST

Get Back on Track to Your Destiny

Lift your 5 Dimensions today and experience the magic!  Take your Body, Mind, Spirit, Soul, Oneness Self-Inventory. Learn how to instantly energize your career, relationships, finances, and wellbeing. Be amazed at how swiftly you can turn around any situation.

Sunday September 26: 9:30am-11am (MTN) $45 CDN+ 5% GST

 Experience the Mysterious Power of Your Spirit

First, learn to differentiate between your Mind and Spirit dimensions.  Next, in powerful exercises, learn what your Spirit feels like in your Body, lift your Spirit from past trauma, ask your Spirit to solve a current issue, and send your Spirit into the future to show you the life It wants to live.  

Sunday October 3: 9:30am-11am (MTN) $45 CDN + 5% GST

A Very Different Take on Soul Purpose and Why a Strong Purpose Matters

Engage in a connect the dots exercise to locate Soul Purposes and Soul Contracts. See the golden thread of your life. Create a practical roadmap to your destiny. Are you ready?

Sunday October 17: 9:30am-11am (MTN) $45 CDN + 5% GST

Still Attracting Toxic People? Deal With Them Confidently 

You get rid of one and another swoops in to take their place? Understand why you are a target and magnet. Get skilled at recognizing bullies early. Build confidence. Retain your dignity and kindness.

Sunday November 7: 9:30am-11am (MTN) $45 CDN + 5% GST

Why Do People Treat Me Like I Am Invisible?

Do people talk over you, ignore your feelings, dismiss your ideas? You are most likely Spirit Dominant. Learn techniques to stand in your power.

Sunday November 21: 9:30am-11am (MTN) $45 CDN + 5% GST