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Align Your 5 Dimensions

Take your Body, Mind, Spirit, Soul, Oneness Self-Inventory. Recognize how your dominance personality profile impacts your career, relationships, finances, wellbeing. Today, your whole life makes sense.

Sunday March 14: 9:30am-11am (MTN) $45 CDN+ 5% GST

Is this my Spirit or my Mind?

Learn how your Spirit behaves in your body and in your life, especially at your best and when stressed. In powerful exercises for your Spirit, learn to lift your Spirit from past trauma, activate It to solve current issues, and send It into the future to show you the life It wants to live.  

Sunday March 28: 9:30am-11am (MTN) $45 CDN + 5% GST

What is my Soul Purpose Anyway?

Engage in a connect the dots exercise to locate short term and long term purposes.  Gain clarity, focus, and a practical roadmap to your destiny.

Sunday April 11: 9:30am-11am (MTN) $45 CDN + 5% GST

Why Do I Keep Attracting Toxic People?

You get rid of one and another swoops in to take their place? Understand why you are a target and magnet. Get skilled at recognizing bullies early. Build confidence. Retain your dignity and kindness.

Sunday April 25: 9:30am-11am (MTN) $45 CDN + 5% GST

What if People Treat Me Like I Am Invisible?

Do people talk over you, ignore your feelings, dismiss your ideas? You are most likely Spirit Dominant. Learn techniques to stand in your power.

Saturday May 8: 9:30am-11am (MTN) $45 CDN + 5% GST

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