What is Ask the Universe?

A safe supportive space where you learn to hear the Universe speak to you, conquer doubt, fear, resistance, and confidently bring your dreams to reality.
 An  Online Zoom Monthly Meet-up
2 Hours per Month 
10 members per group

If you are ready, committed, and maybe a little nervous about accelerating your spiritual growth in 2021, you will find your home in one of our Ask the Universe online membership communities.

Our Method

Dr. Margot demonstrates how to create the optimum conditions for the Universe to speak to you.  We choose a common question, pose it to the Universe, answers come in seconds, and we share our answers in our online group once a month.  We work together to streamline a roadmap to your destiny, share resources, and encourage each other to greatness. Bonus: Be the first to hear Dr. Margot's latest visions.  Each group will be different because the synergy will be different. 

Choose Your Group or Join Multiple Groups: 12 month/6 month options and drop-in available 

Saturday Leadership/Entrepreneur Meet-Up 3rd Saturday of the Month


If you know there is a grander version of you just out of reach or have a business idea or project you want to get off the ground, this group is for you. Our questions to the Universe streamline ideas and actions so that you waste no more time in living out your dream. Meet-ups are fun, inspiring, and supportive. Be part of the synergy.

Sat: 8:30am PST, 9:30am MST, 10:30am CST, 11:30am EST, 4:30pm GMT (London, UK).  We are going international. 

Annual Membership: $300 + 5% GST


6 Month Membership: $210 + 5% GST



Drop-In Fee: $45 + 5% GST




Tuesday Leadership/Entrepreneur Meet-Up 3rd Tuesday of the Month


This is an additional group.  See information above.

3rd Tuesday: 5pm (PTZ) 6pm (MNT) 7pm (CST) 8pm (EST)

Annual Membership: $300 + 5% GST  

6 Month Membership: $210 + 5% GST

Drop-In Fee: $45 + 5% GST




Wednesday Spiritual Development Meet-Up 3rd Wednesday of the Month


Tired of a Body/Mind career/lifestyle? Are your Spirit and Soul  dimensions knocking on your consciousness? Let them have a turn in your life.  Hone your ability to chat to the Universe any time you want.  The results are magical.

5pm (PTZ) 6pm (MNT) 7pm (CST) 8pm (EST)

Annual Membership: $300 + 5% GST

6 Month Membership: $210 + 5% GST


Drop-In Fee $45 + 5% GST


Email drmargotmckinnon@gmail.com for more Information

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