Deep Dive into Spirit Zoom Workshop

Tues. August 18 7pm-9pm (EST)

Start with 3 powerful Spirit exercises so that you know what your Spirit feels like in your Body. Complete your 5 dimensions self-inventory.  Recognize how your Spirit feels at its best and when it is stressed. Identify fresh new ways to elevate your health, life direction, passions, purpose, and connection to Oneness.

Email to register.  $62


Deep Dive into Soul Zoom Workshop

Wed. August 19 7pm-9pm (EST)

When we enter a new phase of life, our Soul Dimension awakens and niggles at us that there is still more for us to learn, overcome, and become.  We yearn for a deeper sense of purpose, meaning, and significance, pining to make sense of our life. Take part in powerful exercises to connect with and strengthen your Soul Dimension. Discover fresh insight and exciting new territory to explore in your human adventure. $62. Email to register.


Stand Up to Red Flaggers Workshop on Zoom 

August 20 7pm-9pm (EST)

Are you a target for narcissists, chaos-makers, solution seekers and scammers? Learn to get your life back! $62 Email to register. 

Artist Expression Night on Zoom

Sat. September 12 7pm-9pm (EST)

Does your Art come from a spiritual space?  Poetry, Paintings, Spoken Word, Photography, Short Film.  Send me an email if you want to be featured on September 12th.  Each person gets 5 minutes to present their Artistic Expression.  Let me know if you would like to be in our Zoom audience.  

E-Transfer to Register:

or MC/Visa by phone: 404.463.2675. We will send you the Zoom link.  Be sure to provide your email when registering.

Book A Private Session with Dr. Margot

$175 per hour + GST

Do you need me to go into the Spirit Dimension for you and pull your message down?  

Check out one of my recent online talks:


Unity Vancouver:

Beyond Reality Radio:

After taking Margot's Deep Dive into Spirit Workshop, I felt like a bird freed from a cage.

I attended 2 of Margot's retreats.  After my first retreat, I came home more calm, patient and energetic than ever before.  Even my husband and kids noticed that I was different.  The second retreat furthered my spiritual development. I felt spirit enter my surroundings and it even showed up in the photo that shows the sun beams surrounding me.  I was able to release even more than before and envision and create a future full of possibilities that I could never have dreamed of before.    

The retreats, along with Margot’s book have given me the strength to continue to develop my five dimensions and discover and become the true person that I am meant to be.  I recommend working with Margot as she helps anyone focus on the future and move beyond possibilities even bigger than one could ever imagine.  



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