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Webinars and Meetups

We offer two convenient avenues for our step-by-step methods: Our Spirit Dominant Leadership Webinar Series and our Ask the Universe monthly meet-ups. 

Missed the Beginning of the Series?


Catch-up lesson options. Don't miss out.


Spirit Dominant Leadership
Online Lessons Series
with Margot McKinnon


Email to learn more 

SUNDAYS 10am-11:30pm MDT time zone

with one exception

Perfect time Canada, USA, UK, EU

Step One: Create your Unique Personality Profile - Complete your 5 Dimensions inventory, learn more about your results, and develop an action plan to rise up to better relationships, an inspired career, deeper meaning and purpose, and the peacefulness you have always been seeking. (June 2)


Step Two: Guard Your Precious Spirit - Learn spiritual techniques to stop your Spirit from fragmenting, whirling about, or wishing to 'go home'. Know how to have your Spirit solve your challenges and even run errands for you. (June 23) *12pm-1:30pm or time decided by group


Step Three: Calmly and Confidently Deal withToxic People - Your gentle Spirit is your strength, not your weakness. Spot red flags early and be prepared to step away if they relentlessly chip away at your Spirit's joy and your Soul's purpose. (July 7) 


Step Four: Remember Your Soul Purpose Blueprint - Get ready to expand your Soul Purpose. But first, identify events and ways of thinking that derailed your path along the way. Spirit Dominant leaders are grateful for the lessons learned from both highs and lows as they are necessary from strong purpose. (July 21)

Step Five: Remove Your Invisibility Cloak- Do you feel invisible, while others boldly step up to leadership? Do others talk over you, forget to add your name to the list, or ignore your contribution? Pull all our lessons together as you become the white light wherever you go. (August 4)


Step Six: Digital Vision Board - Learn the power of using your own photos on a vision board. Create the energy for your Spirit, Soul, and Oneness to flourish. (August 18)

Step Seven: Grand Finale- What have you learned? How have you grown? Where are you going from here? (September 8)


$325 CDN for the whole series 

Only $237 USD

Only 219 Euros or 185 British Pounds

Ask the Universe
Annual Membership
Monthly Meet-up with Margot

Margot lives her life with one foot in the spiritual world and one foot in the Earthly. Her readers, clients, and friends often ask to hear about the messages she gets from Spirit. While most read her book, take the webinars, and schedule a private session, her readers enjoy monthly ongoing learning and feedback in a meet-up. Here is how it works: 

In Margot's White Light Meditations, the Universe delivers a question that It wants our group to ponder for the month. In an online meet-up, everyone gets a turn to share their answers, amazing experiences, and fresh insights. Margot shares what the Universe told her. At the end of the meet-up, Margot shares the new question the Universe has for us.

Four Options

Soul Purpose Group: 3rd Monday of the Month 

(6pm-8pm MDT)

This group is working on a passion project. They want to blend a Mind Approach with the Universe's Wisdom. 




Spiritual Development Group: 3rd Tuesday of the Month

(7pm-9:00pm MDT).

This is live in Calgary. Join our community.




For Writers: 3rd Saturday of the Month

(9:30am-11:30am (MDT)

Do you have a book within you that must be written and shared?

Spirit Dominant Leadership: 4th Sunday of the Month

9:30am-11:30am (MDT)

For anyone who has completed the webinars. Continue your learning and bring your vision to the Earth realm.


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