Webinars and Meetups

We offer two convenient avenues for our step-by-step methods. One is our Courage to be Bold Webinar Series and the other is our monthly meetup Ask the Universe.  Most of our clients enrol in both so that they can move more swiftly to their Bold Vision.  

The Courage to be Bold
Webinar Series

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2022 Spring Dates

Sundays 9:30am-11:00am MTN time

April 10: Stop, Stabilize, Surpass System to Circumvent Burnout

April 24: The Dominance Theory Personality Test

May 1:     Activate the Mysterious Power of Spirit

May 15:   Bolster Resilience & Expand Soul Purpose

May 29:   Recognize & Repel Toxic Dream Killers

June 12:  Shed Invisibility Cloak & Become High Viz

June 26:  Activate Bold Vision in a Digital Vision Board

2022 Summer Dates

Thursdays 6:00pm-7:30pm MTN

May 26: Skillfully Transcend Stressful Times

June 2: Impact of Your Dominant Personality

June 9: Practice The Mysterious Skills of Your Spirit

June 16: Identify Your Soul Purpose Direction

June 23: Repel The Dream Killers

July 7:     Shed Invisibility Cloak & Become High Viz

July 14:   Activate Your Bold Vision

$325 for the whole series

$55.00 individual webinar 

Ask the Universe
Monthly Meetup

We offer 2 Ask the Universe meetup groups in 2022. 

Choose the one that meets your needs most.

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The 3rd Tuesday of the month group are entrepreneurs who use principles of manifestation, skill building, and confidence boosting techniques to expand their business. They practice quietening Mind chatter and hearing the quiet truth from within and from the Universe. 

The 3rd Wednesday of the month group work in a Mind Dominant environment and are ready to explore their spiritual side.  Each month they practice new spiritual techniques, many of which are original to Spark the Spirit Productions. 

$325 for an annual membership