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Our Core Belief

At Spark the Spirit Productions we love adventure, professionalism, and elegance. We

breathe life into everything we do.  We are ready to Do More and Be More in 2023.


We know that every time we want to elevate our life, we must develop a higher order

skillset which includes being able to proficiently handle the natural stresses and tensions

that growing requires.


Here is Our Story  


Spark the Spirit Productions was founded in 2006 by Margot McKinnon. Margot began her career as a high school English teacher. Her most treasured memories are of helping struggling students. Her unconventional teaching methods lifted students to levels they could not imagine were possible.  When her book The Exquisiteness of Being Human took off, she became a sought after inspirational speaker. She ran workshops and offered private sessions in the evening and on weekends to meet the demands. Soon after, the side hustle was destined to be the main hustle.  Margot developed a Bold Vision. She decided to share her teaching methods with the world.  

Margot's first step in her Bold Vision was to complete a longtime ambition of earning a doctorate from the University of Oxford.  Her thesis explored how to integrate the concept of spirituality into public education.  Upon graduation and moving back to Canada, Margot wrote her second book: The Dominance Theory: A guide to elevating your 5 dimensions of self.  We are all on a spectrum as to how developed or how healthy we are in each of our 5 dimensions.  With The Dominance Theory, Margot helps people recognize which of the 5 dimensions dominate their personality and which ones have atrophied and become dormant. Her theory conceptualizes the 5 dimensions in this way:

Body: Physical/Material

Mind: Logical/Systematic

Spirit: Unconditional Love/Eternal Self

Soul: Meaning/Purpose

Oneness: Connection/Belonging


Margot's book is an awakening process. As an educator, Margot argues that the school 'system' is too Mind Dominant and must do more to address the Spirit, Soul, and Oneness of children. Complete with self-inventories and conversation guides, The Dominance Theory is an inspiring and practical guidebook for activating the mysterious potential you know is there but you have not tapped into yet. 


A new project is on the horizon.  For years, Margot has been building up her Spirit Dominant leadership skills.  How would our world be different if Spirit Dominants stopped shying away from the harsh and abrasive world and instead stepped up and into it?  Spirit Dominants know about unconditional love and peacefulness.  What if we put connection and belonging first above financial bottom lines, power, and material success? While some may think our economy would collapse,  She suspects that Spirit Dominant leaders will have unbelievable results, earning more money while creating an experience at work that people will love.  Margot is running a pilot project right now and the results are measurable and tangible.  Do you have the courage to be a Spirit Dominant leader?


The convergence of Margot's fearless pursuit of her own potential, her ability to see your Bold Vision

when you cannot see it yourself, and her unique teaching methods provides the roadmap you need

to confidently step into the Bold Vision you know is waiting for you in your future.


Are you ready? 

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