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Spark the Spirit Productions

The Dominance Theory
A Guide to Elevating Your 5 Dimensions of Self
Body, Mind, Spirit, Soul, Oneness



Private Session: Are your Spirit and Soul dimensions waking up, making you feel that there is something more for you to do? But, what is it? $175 (CDN) an hour + 5% GST

Ask the Universe Monthly Meetup 

Margot facilitates three live online groups that explore spiritual questions and experiences $325 (CDN) + 5% GST for an annual membership.

Live Online Lessons: New series begins January 2024.  Lessons about how to flourish as a Spirit/Soul Dominant person in a Body/Mind Dominant world. Become the Spirit Dominant leader the world needs.


Stop, Stabilize, Surpass:

Circumventing Burnout

We invented a system that helps you create a unique toolkit to manage your stress so that stress does not derail your work or home life. Work together to design a workplace culture that elevates rather than disintegrates.

The Loneliness Crisis


In this post-pandemic era, and with the rise of social media, people are losing their ability to form meaningful connections. We will help you build a thoughtful pro-active workplace culture of connection and belonging. This new era requires different approaches.  


Our community is a safe place to explore your spiritual side. We are authentic, curious, open to unconventional ideas, and committed to expanding our understandings of our human experience.

We are:


Leaders who know that we must be courageous and confident in speaking up about the spiritual dimension.

Family Members who are different from the others and want to explore our unique strengths.

Ready to Make the Leap into creating the life our Spirit and Soul want to live. 


We are working on building a community with you in it.  

We know that a Mind/Body world is limited.

The Spirit, Soul, and Oneness dimensions add a richness to life and we want more of it.

We are here ready to help you process and integrate your spiritual experience into something with meaning and purpose.

We can help you tap into your spiritual side if your Mind Dominant lifestyle has withered it away.

Together, we can build Spirit Dominant Leadership skills so that we have a better world to live in.

Our results defy logic



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We put you on the recommended speakers' list for Alberta Teachers' Association conventions.

Alberta Teachers' Association

 I am launching something I have always wanted and have always been good at. Image consulting. Watch for upcoming webinars. Are you ready to elevate your style and presence?

Marcia Daly

Image Consultant

Your book is my new roadmap to life!

Larry Gompff

Weight and Fitness Instructor for Seniors

Margot's workshop was both enchanting and educational. At the Canadian Mental Health Association,-Calgary- we continue to ensure that people can feel a sense of connection, belonging and hope. Margot's workshop helped to further connect the dots. Let's say she speaks 'our language'. 

Canadian Mental Health Association: Calgary

I want to express my gratitude for everything you have taught me over the last 4 years. Your model and theory, your teaching practices, standing in your power, the way you deal with toxic people and your confidence are all qualities I admire. You are my mentor and I want to thank you most for giving me permission to enjoy life, have elegance and to know that I deserve a life that my spirit wants me to live. I am done with the hard lessons. My life is easy. I'm shedding my old "snake" skin and becoming the true confident person that I am. Thank you! Love you! 

Sarah Melo

Founder and Director of Melo Math 4 Kids


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