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Dr Margot: Owner and Director

of Spark the Spirit Productions

DPhil: University of Oxford Thesis: 'Conceptualizing spirituality for secular public education'


Master's: University of Calgary

Thesis: 'Implementing teacher professional growth plans into organizational culture'


B. Ed: Queen's University

English, Special Ed., ESL, Social Studies

BA: Queen's University 

English literature

Welcome Home!


Absolutely, you are enough! But, you can 'Be More'.  There is a grander you waiting to be discovered and to become.  At Spark the Spirit Productions, we have a method for you to 'Be More by Morning'. 

Step One:  Read Dr. Margot McKinnon's book The Body, Mind, Spirit, Soul, Oneness Dominance Theory: A guide to elevating your 5 dimensions of self.

Step Two: Take your self-inventory. See and own the strengths and weaknesses in each of your 5 dimensions.  Likely, you have a fairly good idea of your Body and Mind Dimensions.  But, what about your Spirit (real self, passions), Soul (purpose) and Oneness (connection and belonging)? Each aspect is multi-dimensional.  Filling in your self-inventory will open your eyes to how you respond to the highs and lows of life. Even better, you will build a plan to be 'More' than you ever imagined! 

Step Three: Join one or both of our Zoom meet ups called Ask the Universe.  See our dedicated Ask the Universe page and register on the Purchase page.


Step Four: Sign up for a workshop, retreat, or private session to dive deeper. Or, organize a group and invite a Spark Team Member to facilitate a fun and engaging event. Be honest at how well you are handling the complicated process of relationships, career, finances, parenting, living your passions and purpose, standing in your own power, and being entirely yourself.

Step Five: Join the Spark the Spirit Community. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Spread the Spark message by selling books in your area and make money doing it. Become a facilitator.  


Spark the Spirit Team

Calgary, Alberta, Canada