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Dr Margot McKinnon

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Author, Award Winning Teacher, and President of Spark the Spirit Productions

DPhil: University of Oxford

Master's: University of Calgary

B. Ed: Queen's University

BA: Queen's University 


The Dominance Theory

Your were born gifted in one of the 5 dimensions of self and you grow the others over time. Find out how your Dominance Personality Profile impacts your career, relationships, finances, and joy factor.

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Some of the best advice I ever received was from your workshop at the Spiritualist Centre and I have been consciously working on defragmenting my Spirit- Thank you!

The Dominance Theory is an amazing book that raises awareness of our 5 Dimensions. It's the kind of book you want to read over again to gauge how you are doing at this thing called 'Life'. 

Margot's workshop was both enchanting and educational. At the Canadian Mental Health Association,-Calgary- we continue to ensure that people can feel a sense of connection, belonging and hope. Margot's workshop helped to further connect the dots. Let's say she speaks 'our language'. 

This session at Teachers' Convention was incredible. The presenter had an extremely unique way to be able to get people to connect to the spirit within. 4* out of 4

Loved this session at Convention. I could discuss this once a month as therapy. 4* out of 4

I want to express my gratitude for everything you have taught me over the last 4 years. Your model and theory, your teaching practices, standing in your power, the way you deal with toxic people and your confidence are all qualities I admire.

You are my mentor and I want to thank you most for giving me permission to enjoy life, have elegance and to know that I deserve a life that my spirit wants me to live. I am done with the hard lessons. My life is easy. I'm shedding my old "snake" skin and becoming the true confident person that I am. Thank you! Love you! Sarah

I didn't know what to expect out of this session at Convention, however it was very insightful and interesting. I'm glad I came. 3.5* out of 4

I got a lot out of your Red Flags in Dating workshop.  I really had a wakeup call to spot the Crazy Makers and that some people expect me to be their solution. What a revelation?

I attended your 5 Dimensions workshop, thinking it would help me with my serious work problem.

I was amazed at how I not only shifted my work problem, but I shifted my relationship with my husband and children too.  I am shocked at how fast this works.

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