What is a Private Session?

You provide Dr. Margot with one or two questions to Ask the Universe. She will have a conversation with the Universe on your behalf, write down the answers on her yellow pad of paper, you arrive in person or on Zoom or FaceTime, you explain to Dr. Margot the answers you received prior to the appointment, and then Dr. Margot shows you what the Spirits told her.  Magic happens!

Most common questions:


What should I do about my career?  


How do I recover from an abusive/toxic relationship?  


What is my Soul's purpose?

What does the Universe want me to do right now that I am unconscious of?

$175 per hour + 5 % GST

Email drmargotmckinnon@gmail.com or phone 403.463.2675 to Book an Appointment

Days, Evenings, Weekends Available

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