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Get the tools you need to BE STRONGER  TODAY!

Dr. Margot creates the calm I need to solve any problem that comes along!

Dr. Margot is magical.  I don't know how it works.  I just know that it works.

Dr. Margot is a teacher.  She shows you how to connect with the Universe so that you can solve your problems yourself.

I couldn't find a job during Covid lockdown for 6 months.  We were only into our session for 15 minutes and I got a text asking me to come in for a job interview.  I got the job! I love it! I make more money with fewer hours than my old job! With Dr. Margot I did not have to find a job, the job found me.  There is something magical about Dr. Margot. 

Girl in Therapy

Most common questions:


I'm burning out in my career! What do I do?


I know there is a grander version of me in the Ether.  How do I become it? 


How do I recover from an abusive/toxic relationship?  


What is my Soul's purpose?

What does the Universe want me to do right now that I am unconscious of?

$175 per hour + 5 % GST

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