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What to Expect

Dr. Margot McKinnon was born with a unique ability to connect with the spiritual dimension to receive answers for your powerful questions.  

Send one or two questions you have about your life, situation, or direction ahead of your one hour appointment.

Dr. Margot will have a chat with the Universe on your behalf, usually on her morning jog.  When she returns, she will write all the messages on her yellow pad of paper.

At the start of your appointment, you will talk about the insights you received about your questions.  When finished, Dr. Margot will surprise you with the insights from the Universe, written ahead of time.  They will make so much sense.

Dr. Margot will help create an exciting vibrant roadmap to get you back on track to your great expectation.

Most Common Questions:


I'm burning out in my career! What do I do?


I know there is a grander version of me in the Ether.  How do I become it? 


How do I recover from an abusive/toxic relationship?  


What is my Soul's purpose?

What does the Universe want me to do right now that I am unconscious of?

$175 per hour + 5 % GST




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Dr. Margot is magical.  I don't know how it works.  I just know that it works. She used her magic to help me sell my condo for asking price in a short amount of time in a tough seller's market. I now live in my dream home.

Dr. Margot creates the calm I need to solve any problem that comes along!

Dr. Margot is a teacher.  She shows you how to connect with the Universe so that you can solve your problems yourself.

I wanted to know about the root cause of some of my illnesses. Dr. Margot took a photo of her yellow pad notes so that we could go through them together on FaceTime. I noticed that she wrote that in her meditation she used a salt water cleansing ritual for my illness to bring balance. She time stamped 10:40am. I realized at that time, I was compelled to have a salt water bath. I have not had a bath in years.  Wow! Something magical is going on.

I couldn't find a job during Covid lockdown for 6 months.  We were only into our session for 15 minutes and I got a text asking me to come in for a job interview.  I got the job! I love it! I make more money with fewer hours than my old job! With Dr. Margot I did not have to find a job, the job found me.  There is something magical about Dr. Margot. 

My question was: Should I move to Ontario and live with my sister. Dr. Margot told me, among other things, the Universe said that this is a chance for a do-over with my sister and that I was to use 2022 to explore my relationship with the concept of the Divine Feminine.  We worked on a plan for this concept.  I left thinking . . . ummm okay.  The next day, a friend gave me a free ticket for a retreat on the Divine Feminine.  How does Dr. Margot know this?