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I saw your book listed on Amazon for $2500. Clearly someone forgot to put in a decimal. I got mine from you personally. In hindsight, if I knew how much your book would change my life, I would have paid $2500.

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Be More by Morning

Feeling impatient, bland, irritated, or lonely? Know this is a sign that you are ready to expand your life, but you just don't know how to get started. 

A truly unique process for you to immediately stop spinning your wheels.  Instead, feel better, pull an empowered plan together quickly, and have the tools to live the great expectation you have for your life.

Take your 5 Dimensions Self-Inventory. This is the only personality model that includes your Spirit and Soul dimensions. Find out what you have been missing.  Learn how developed you are in your 5 dimensions, how you handle the complicated business of being human, and increase your skill at accomplishing what you want out of life.

Excellent for book clubs, professional teams, or families. Each chapter includes a conversation guide to stimulate deeper conversations. 

Are you living the life your Spirit came here to live? Find out.

I wanted to let you know how much your book changed my life. Not only has it helped me as a Spirit Dominant person, it is now helping me help my granddaughter ( who is also Spiritually Dominant) navigate through this Mind and physically dominant world.  Thank you so much for sharing your journey, your wisdom and insights through your book. 

I read other books on Spirit, but they did not explain why we go through this junk.  Being Spirit Dominant makes so much sense.  Susan

Your book is my new roadmap to life!  Larry

The stressed version of each type – they are behaviours we often see but rarely examine the causes.  Teacher

I started reading your book before bed and I was going through the conversation guide where you ask your readers to remember our spiritual experiences and I woke up remembering one. I will have to tell you about it!! It happened and I was grateful for the experience but remembering it again renewed my faith that we are always looked after and guided. I needed this reminder.

This book will bring you an epiphany.  When I read it, I was astounded at how clearly I recognized myself in it.  So many of us feel that something must be 'wrong' with us.  Could it be instead that something could be unacknowledged in us - some vital and deeply life-affirming part that has the potential to uplift us and give us a sense that we belong in this world?  Kim

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