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Step One

The idea is that we all have 5 dimensions of self. Body, Mind, Spirit, Soul, Oneness.  We are born dominant (really strong) in one of the dimensions and we grow the others (or not) over time. 

Are you Body Dominant or Spirit Dominant?  Mind Dominant or Soul Dominant?  What about Oneness Dominant?  Find out as you work your way through this guidebook to your Fullest Self. 

Give yourself a score on how well you are thriving in this complicated thing called Being Human.  You will get a clear picture of your stress behaviours that block you from your 'More'. Develop a plan to elevate.  ​​

Have you created the life your Spirit wants to live?

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I read other books on Spirit, but they did not explain why we go through this junk.  Being Spirit Dominant makes so much sense.  Susan

I started reading your book before bed and I was going through the conversation guide where you ask your readers to remember our spiritual experiences and I woke up remembering one. I will have to tell you about it!! It happened and I was grateful for the experience but remembering it again renewed my faith that we are always looked after and guided. I needed this reminder.

This book may well bring you an epiphany.  When I read it, I was astounded at how clearly I recognized myself in it.  So many of us feel that something must be 'wrong' with us.  Could it be instead that something could be unacknowledged in us - some vital and deeply life-affirming part that has the potential to uplift us and give us a sense that we belong in this world?  Kim

Your book is my new roadmap to life!  Larry

The stressed version of each type – they are behaviours we often see but rarely examine the causes.  Teacher