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Outdoor Meditation

The Dominance Theory

At Spark the Spirit Productions, we use our own 5 Dimensions of Life and The Dominance Theory as one of our tools to refocus and restore organizational culture.

Body: Physical and Material Well-being

Mind: Logical and Systematic Processes and Results

Spirit: Unique Identity and Passionate Zest for Life

Soul: Meaning, Purpose, and Significance

Oneness: Connection, Belonging, and Community

The Dominance Theory proposes that individuals are strong in one dimension and tend to build a career and relationships from this strength. Today, people are compelled to develop all 5 Dimensions. They seek to join corporate cultures that are not just about Mind Dominant productivity. Work life must be meaningful. It must match their identity and passions.  We will provide in-service that builds community and restores a shared vision.

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Circumvent Burnout

Stop, Stabilize, Surpass

We are not afraid of lows or plateaus. Stress is a normal and natural part of life on an individual level and within organizational culture. Our unique 3-step system stops a downward spiral into burnout, stabilizes frantic thinking and behaviour, and inspires growth as a lifelong process.

We meet with leaders in advance to identify key issues.  Our confidentiality agreement ensures leaders can be honest about concerns. Which of the 5 Dimensions is deteriorating? What was your vision and has it changed? How will you instil meaning, purpose and significance at work and in life? This is just the beginning. Set your leadership style apart from your competitors who are burning out their staff.


We will catalyze teams to recognize and stop stress behaviours, stabilize teams, and surpass corporate objectives in fun-filled, energizing workshops.  


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